With abundant skillful labor force and strong engineering and manufacturing teams, more than 50,000 square meter manufacturing facilities located in Fuzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, China, and class 100 and 1,000 clean room, Photop supplies worldwide customers with over tens of million quality parts and technical supports.

Photop's manufacturing capability is enhanced with a rich portfolio of complex process technologies services, including on-going process improvement, SPC control, design for manufacturability, Manufacturing Traceability, and Quality Systems.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Optical Communications
Fiber Polishing
Optical Fiber Connectorization and Polishing
Fiber Alignment and Routing
Passive and Active Fiber Optic Functional Modules
Precision Mechanical Assembly
Hermetic Sealing
Laser Welding
TO-can and Butterfly Packaging
Optoelectronic Packaging
Plano, Sphere, Polishing, Edging
Crystal Dicing, Polishing, and Coating
Optical Diffusion Bonding
Coating Service
Optical Assembly
Display Optics
Glass to Metal Sealing (GTMS)
Ni/Cr/Au Plating
Cover Window for MEMS, CMOS, Sensor, LoCOS
Custom Projection Lenses, Prism, PBS Cube