Vertical Integration

Having served the industries for years with rich expertises on optical communications, optics, display and projection, and DPSS laser, and with proven and successful projects for leading players in the industries, Photop offers OEM and ODM solutions for optical communications components and function modules; customed optical parts, optical assemblies, and monolithic optical assemblies for display & projection, LED engine, and instrumentation; DPSS laser and assemblies for laser display, instrumentaion, and biotechnologies.

Photop develops and manufactures photonic crystal materials, optical parts, and micro optical parts which are key building blocks for optical communications' passive & active components, laser, instrumentation, and display.

By vertically integrating Photop's extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing capability in fiber optics, optical assembly, and optoelectronics with our expertise on photonic materials and optics, Photop not only provides standard products, but also OEM/ODM optical/electronic modules, subsystems, as well as contract manufacturing assemblies for Optical Communications, Micro Display & Projection, Laser Display, and Instrumentation.